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What does it mean to be Transgendered?

For starters, we need to know what transgendered means.

Transgendered (TG) - is an "umbrella" term for all sorts of identifications: transsexual, androgynous, intersexed, transvestite, crossdresser, and drag queen/king.

Transsexual ? A transsexual is generally identified as a person who prefers to live, act, and be perceived by society as the opposite gender of their birth. Note: not all transexuals wish to shemale porn transition.

Androgynous ? Someone who is androgynous in dress or behavior has neither masculine nor feminine characteristics that can lead one to perceive a definite physical sex. Many people who are hermaphroditic are also androgynous.

Intersex ? having both male and female physical characteristics. This includes reproductive organs, sexual behavior, and sexual characteristics usually caused by hormonal imbalance when they were in the womb, or chromosomal abnormalities. Also, one does not have to be born intersexed to actually be instersexed, therefore, a transsexual may not completely transition to fully male or fully female, leaving them in a divided state between the sexes, and as so, intersexed.

Transvestite ? books that define transvestite often consider a transvestite to be one who dresses or acts as the opposite sex (see Crossdresser), but the TG community has narrowed the definition of transvestite down to purely sexual terms, that is, one who dresses as the opposite sex for purely sexual reasons (aka sexual arousal, etc.).

Crossdresser ? One who acts/behaves/dresses as the opposite sex. Unlike a transsexual, a crossdresser does not cross dress all day, every day and, while it is part of who they are, it does not encompass who they are.

Drag Queen/King ? Performers who dress as the opposite sex. Generally men or women in drag exaggerate the characteristics of the male or the female on or off stage.

To be transgendered does not mean that you have to stick to solely one category. For instance, a Drag Queen/King and a crossdresser share similar boundaries; what divides them is that the drag Queen/King is exaggerating the features of the opposite sex and they allow their real physical sex to show through their costume, yet not all Drag Queens (DQ) or Kings(DK) are CD (though it is not unheard if for some to be both). Furthermore, someone who is transsexual may have been born intersexed or may wish to become intersexed but not all people born intersexed are transsexuals, just as not all transsexuals are intersexed. The combinations and exact definition of individuals that are transgendered are unique to each person and they can not be put into a single stereotypical box.

Stereotypes and Myths:

1. All Drag Queens and Drag Kings are gay. While it is prominate in for DQ's and DK's to be gay or lesbian, this is not always the case. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few straight ones on the rainbow stage.

2. All transexuals are perverts. Talk about your extreme and might I point out, ignorant view point. Perverts are child molesters, rapists, peeking toms, etc. There is NO proof that being transgendered makes your more prone to or becoming a pervert. In fact, most TG people are law obiding citizens who pay their taxes every year and, despite popular belief, are everyday normal people. Note: being TG does NOT make you abnormal, just different.

3. Butch lesbians are transgendered. DO NOT PISS OFF YOUR LOCAL NEIGHBIRHOOD BUTCH LESBIAN! While many will not fight till severly provoked, don't test the waters on this one, and just realize, being masculine and being transgendered are not the same thing. People can be both, or just one or the other. So save yourself a butt kicking and heed our words of advice: Don't assume someone's TG till they tell you; you could easily be wrong.

4. All transgendered people want to become the opposite sex. Not true. Please see definitions above for clarifications.

5. All people that dress as the opposite sex are homosexual. Only about a 1/3 - I will check again to make sure- of all crossdressers and transvestites are homosexual or bisexual, which means MOST are not. 

6. Boys wearing dresses in school is punishable. The truth is according to many schools, the dress code says nothing about boys not being able to wear make-up, nail polish, or a dress to school. Though I would not suggest it if you are in an area where it is severly frowned upon. 

7. Drag Queens and Drag Kings only do it for the money. Depends, some do, but others enjoy it. Also some drag performers make very little money doing it. It is an individual preference and must not be thought of as one way or the other. 

8. There are no people that will date or marry someone who dresses or is a transexual. There are people out there that will date you (and maybe marry if things go well) no matter what you wear, or what you look like, or what gender you were born, or currently are. They will love Shemale porn and you for you.

9. Transsexuals cannot get married. This is a complicated matter. In some states when you change genders your birth certificate will be remarked with the gender you are now, not the one you are born with. In others it will not change. It also depends on your sexual prefence. If you can get it changed and you like people of your current opposite gender or if you can't get it changed and you like people of your current gender, you can marry. Everything else is up in the air, but maybe one day we can change that.:: P-flag marchs across the screen ::


The American Psychiatric Association has pinpointed several ?mental disorders? that constitute being transgendered. They are as follows:

-Gender Identity Disorder

-Transvestic Fetishism

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